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Klarna launches price comparison tool to help customers to ‘search less, save more’

Chloe Burney
15 November 2022

Klarna, the leading online financial service, launched a new in-app feature that searches and compares prices across thousands of retailers to save consumers time and money.

Following its launch in the US last month, the search and compare tool is now available in the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

Klarna App users can narrow down their searches by colour, size, customer ratings, shipping options and more. These new tools eliminate disorganised results that are typical of conventional search engines.

These new features will give Klarna credibility against rivals Google and Amazon, as well as simultaneously unlocking a new revenue stream.

In addition, there is now an option to view how the price of any item has fluctuated, allowing consumers to decide whether to purchase now or to wait to get the best deal. This feature will be key for shoppers during the festive season who are trying to save money during this time of economic uncertainty.

The search and compare tool will boost participating retailer’s visibility and sales. This builds on Klarna’s already strong affiliate marketing business, which generates 600 million leads a year for their retail partners.

Klarna’s 2022 Holiday Report found that 85% of UK holiday shoppers will compare prices across retailers more often this year compared to last year. 84% of those shoppers said it useful to have an app that would help them search and compare, which is where Klarna comes in.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Klarna, commented: “You could spend the whole day comparing offers at conventional search engines or marketplaces, but you’ll always have doubts - have I really found the best product at the best price? Klarna’s new search and compare tool does the hard work for consumers and compares thousands of websites in real time to ensure they have all the information they need to make informed and con dent purchase decisions.

“For Klarna, today’s launch is a major milestone in our evolution from a payment network to a single shopping destination that covers everything from inspiring product discovery through to delivery tracking, digital receipts and seamless returns.”

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