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June 15 marks the beginning of a new era in retail & we want to assure you of our continued support

Antony Hawman
08 June 2020

With non-essential retail’s re-opening only week away, we wanted to assure you of our continued support for our sector.

As some of you may know at the beginning of the pandemic, we removed all pay barriers to our content and data insights to offer any help that we could as you navigated your way through the Covid-19 lockdown.

June 15 marks the beginning of a new era in retail along with a new set of challenges and opportunities. Lockdown has led to a number of casualties in our market already, along with budget and staffing cuts, but it has also created a chance for the industry to re-set and re-assess its values and practices.

We’ve done the same. As such, we’ve made the decision to keep our all of our content, data insights, reports and database free to view to continue to offer you a trusted source of information and practical support as we look to the future together.

It’s with immense gratitude to our commercial partners that we are able to offer you free content, as without their investment in our creative advertising channels we wouldn’t be able to do so. So please, continue to read as much as you want and pass on to colleagues and friends and allow us to continue to support this incredible industry.

We wish you the best of luck for the re-opening of your stores. Our editorial team are on hand to cover the news as it’s happening and if we can support in anyway, please reach out. Co-founders

Lauretta & Antony

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