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In Pictures: Kipling collaborates with eclectic designer Minju Kim

Chloe Burney
28 April 2023

Kipling spotlights playful prints courtesy of Seoul-born fashion designer Minju Kim in a collaborative collection of handbags and accessories.

Minju Kim is renowned for her eclectic womenswear designs and use of bold prints. She graduated in Fashion from the famed Royal Academy of Fine Arts, She launched her namesake brand in 2015 in Antwerp after winning the H&M Awards.

Kim has been a long-time fan of Kipling, with memories of the brand going back to her childhood.

Minju Kim commented: "I grew up in the countryside in Korea. It was nothing like Seoul, the capital, so only the cool kids could wear Kipling. And as a kid, I always looked up to the kids wearing Kipling. I have now had many Kipling items, but always as an adult.

"It is somehow really nice to be able to design for Kipling, it’s allowed me to remember my youth."

The collaborative collection combines Kipling’s functionality and lightness with Minju’s signature youthful playfulness and bold patterns. The range is inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Speaking about her inspiration for the print, Kim said: "When people think of Scissorhands, they think darkness and sadness, but I think differently. The scene where Edward went to school, played with the paper and made a garland inspired me to make my own. The print displayed on the bags is cut from paper like Edward, which I then transformed into a print."

The selection is made up of backpacks, crossbodies, luggage, tote bags, small accessories and keyrings. Three new styles have been introduced, including the Dajung belt bag, the Delia Kim backpack and the Jihoon tote bag.

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