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Hugo Boss to adopt mobile working on Mondays and Fridays

Tom Shearsmith
20 August 2020

German fashion house Hugo Boss will only require staff to work in the office from Tuesday to Thursday, even after the Coronavirus pandemic, offering the option of remote working on Mondays and Fridays.

The new option will be available for an initial 3,200 employees in Germany, with the model expected to be adopted by its subsidiaries across the world before the end of 2021.

Hugo Boss said it had taken the decision after an internal survey showed that 90% of respondents felt less stressed working from a home environment during the pandemic and had more time for their families, while managers were very happy with the work done remotely.

The three days in the office schedule would not only allow meetings and events to be scheduled more effectively, but also boost the company’s appeal as an employer and help to protect the environment by reducing commuting.

Jochen Eckhold, human resources director

Jochen Eckhold, Director of Global Human Resources, said: "The survey confirmed what most of us already knew - the future belongs to tailored combinations of office-based and off-site work. Our hybrid working model caters to employees’ growing desire for alternative scheduling and location options. As an employer, we feel it is our responsibility to accommodate these changing needs."

The new schedule will initially be available from October 2020.

Earlier this month, Hugo Boss reported total sales drop by 59% to €275 million in the second quarter of 2020, as government imposed store closures took a toll on the business.

With approximately 50% of its global store network closed on average during the course of the second quarter, the business was significantly impacted by the pandemic.

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