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Henri Lloyd navigating back on course

Tom Bottomley
28 May 2019

British heritage sailing brand Henri Lloyd has introduced a new logo as it attempts to reposition in the market following the company’s take over after going in to administration in June 2018.

Since being acquired by a group of investors, led by chairman and controlling shareholder, Hans Eckerström, and CEO Magnus Liljeblad, the aim is to re-establish Henri Lloyd as the premier brand for yachtsmen and sailors around the world.

The new drive includes the slogan "Henri Lloyd, Old Brand, Brand New", and the new clean logo being introduced symbolises a return to the brand's heritage, while also representing a fresh start for the journey ahead.

Hans Eckerström comments: “We have looked deeply and respectfully into the history of our brand and the aim is to reconnect with our heritage and focus on striving to produce the best sailing gear in the world. Importantly we believe that there is a significant opportunity for the brand to thrive in the wider market through the development of our apparel range.”

Part of the plan is to position the brand as being exclusive, with a selective distribution proposition. Says Eckerström: “In order to achieve our full potential, we must again position the Henri Lloyd name as being highly exclusive and we will always be very selective about where the product can be bought and which brands it sits alongside. We fully recognise that the retail landscape has changed and will continue to change therefore we will ensure that Henri Lloyd is seen where our customers are, both digitally and physically.

Being more selective about where the brand can be bought is the key driver to ensure that Henri Lloyd is once again considered desirable and not too widely available.

CEO Magnus Liljeblad adds: “We are proud to say that we will be a digital first company. Equally we passionately believe in building deep relationships with selected retailers in order that we can build mutually profitable business together. Our new technology platform will also allow us to collaborate in unique and ground breaking ways with our retail partners.”

Pricing will also be a key focus to elevate the brand’s offer. Liljeblad continues: “In order that we can position Henri Lloyd exclusively we will not compete on price as a main selling point and as such our distribution channels and pricing will reflect this. In practical terms this means we estimate that we will be dealing with 80% less retailers than in the past, allowing us to focus 100% on selected key relationships which we believe will be critical to success.”

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