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Government updates COVID-19 guidance on returned goods

Tom Shearsmith
04 December 2020

Following the reopening of non-essential retailer, the Government has made a key amendment to detailed guidance on how retail environments can operate safely.

The guidance that items that have been returned, donated, or brought in for repair should be stored in a container or separate room for 48 hours or cleaned before display has been removed.

The amendment means that stock can be put out immediately after returning, resulting in less stock being temporary unavailable.

The guidance has been published on the Government's website and says stores must limit the number of customers allowed on to the premises to ensure social distancing of 2m can be maintained at all times.

Other measures include signage in multiple locations to remind staff and customers of the importance of good hygiene, providing sanitiser in multiple locations, in addition to any washrooms.

While fitting rooms may be used retailers are advised to take measures to ensure the process is sanitary including regular cleaning of the areas (after every use if possible).

A spokesperson for supermarket giant Asda confirmed to that they will be following the new guidance and no longer isolating returned goods.

The full updated guidance for close contact services can be found here.

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