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Fashion veteran Stefan Laban joins fashion technology start-up HyModa

Lauretta Roberts
22 July 2020

Former Nike, Gap and Urban Outfitters executive Stefan Laban has joined fashion technology start-up HyModa as a non-executive director.

Laban, most recently the Global Head of International at Urban Outfitters, will be working with HyModa's founders Eduardo Clinkett and Michael Sonachan on bringing to market its bespoke software solutions for personalising the e-commerce experience.

After 30 months of development, HyModa launched in March 2020 with its ATELIE8 app, which produces HyperReal, 3D digital avatars, that match a client's exact body shape. These unique avatars can then be guided to interact with digitally animated versions of a brand’s fashion collection, in a variety of dress sizes.

Consumers will also have the option of "upcycling" unwanted items in their own wardrobes and will have full control of the data they provide to brands. ATELIE8 effectively gives consumers a highly personalised digital shopping experience that combines a store, a changing room, a stylist and their own wardrobe in one app.

"During these challenging times, I am excited to see the positive impacts that HyModa’s applications will have on the fashion community. By simply giving consumers the ability to make fully informed purchasing decisions, without the need to over order, we will both reduce the crippling financial burden returns have on the industry and bring one of the most polluting industries in the world closer to meeting sustainability targets," Laban said.


A HyModa Model Avatar

HyModa bespoke software applications are designed to integrate with a brand’s existing technology to creatively represent their individual aesthetics and storytelling. In addition to ATELIE8, HyModa’s solutions also include curating bespoke digital environments, producing digitally animated 3D clothing and accessories, and stables of digitally created e-commerce models.

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