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Farfetch and Gucci partner on year-long "Imagined Futures" collaboration

Lauretta Roberts
29 March 2021

Farfetch and Gucci have embarked on a year-long collaboration called "Imagined Futures", which is a multi-experience programme "rooted in values, sustainability, innovation, community and client services".

The first part of the collaboration celebrates the new Gucci Off The Grid collection and takes utopian visions of the future from key thought leaders in fashion, culture and sustainability. It then reimagines them as beautiful works of art, created by renowned collage artist, Seana Gavin.

South Korean artist, Novo’s view on the future is as a "harmonious village". His collage is of a small village surrounded by wide, green fields. This utopia is home to people who live harmoniously with nature and its wild fauna.


British musician, Kam-BU’s imagined future world is a "modern metropolis". This world sees the city as a centre for innovation, where education is revolutionised to include mandatory outdoor learning.

American sustainability expert, Dominique Drakeford, imagined her world as a "bountiful forest". In her world, which she believed was deep in the heart of the jungle, humans live in small groups in complete harmony with their surroundings.

Norwegian publisher and editor, Elise by Olsen, presents a "beautiful utility". Set against the backdrop of an Arctic winter, this world is as sparse as it is beautiful. What appears to be a minimalist environment belies a complex network of technology, allowing for abundant food production.

The new Gucci Off The Grid collection is available on Farfetch from today. In addition the global luxury platform has worked with innovative tech start up, Zeekit, using its "Switch Model" technology to enable customers to view items from Gucci’s Epilogue collection on diverse models.

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