Capitalising on the next big growth channel for fashion retail in partnership with POQ - 4th November, 2021

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| 2 September 2021
Executive Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard, The City of London – 4th November, 2021

Executive Dinner at Bob Bob Ricard, The City of London – 4th November, 2021

There’s no question that the shift to digital, accelerated by the pandemic, has been sharp and will be permanent, with increased mobile use at its centre. But just having a mobile version of your e-commerce site means you could be missing out on the next big opportunity for fashion retail.

Apps are growing in popularity across all age groups and demographics and they can provide as much scope for personal customer engagement and loyalty as a physical retail store.

Unlike mobile optimised sites, customers have chosen to download your app and are therefore inviting your brand into their lives.

This exclusive executive dinner, made possible by our partners Poq, will explain how you can ensure you’re not missing out on this huge growth market, covering areas such as:

- Creating compelling app content

- Driving loyalty through app functions

- Encouraging app downloads and use

- Improving service and experience through AI and VR

- Employing data from your app to drive better business decisions

In addition, you will enjoy networking opportunities with a select group of peers in one of London’s most exciting new private dining spaces - the iconic Bob Bob Ricard’s new location in the heart of The City of London.

Format and Timings 

18.00: Cocktail reception + networking
18.45: Welcome from Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief of
18.50: Roundtable discussion + seated for dinner
21.00: Coffee & closing remarks
21.15: ‘Night Cap’ + networking
22.00: Close of event

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