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Antony Hawman
03 July 2020

Shopping with intent: maximising all channels to drive the post-COVID consumer to your store

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The post-COVID shopper does their browsing at home and heads to the stores with intent. How do you attract them into your store, how do you convert them once there and how do you keep them long term? team has been speaking to consumers out shopping on the streets of Central London to get first-hand insights into the new mindset of the post-lockdown shopper. We’ll share our findings with you along with actionable advice on how to handle the change in behaviour.

Before lockdown 50% of new customer acquisition was generated in-store. This powerful marketing channel has been defunct for over three months and with fewer shoppers coming into store now, the need to convert them becomes greater still, as does the need to keep them to guarantee repeat purchase.

We’ll tackle 2 main questions:

1. What can you do to drive visitors to your store?

2. What can you do to ensure you’re capturing the data of your shoppers to turn them into a loyal long term customers

5 Things you’ll learn:

1. How to maximise the sales opportunity of every visitor to your store

2. Valuable insights on ways to enhance your in-store experience to drive footfall

3. Actionable ways to train your staff on collecting data at the point of sale

4. eCommerce ‘health check’ to amplify shopping experience & maximise sales

5. Key loyalty drivers

The interactive session:

Come prepared to take part. You will experience lively presentation, video footage from the streets and interative chat and polling with your peers


  • Welcome from Lauretta Roberts, Editor in chief,
  • Short video with post lockdown shopper's view from the street
  • 10 top tips on driving the customer and buyer intent through all channels:
    How to really use digital to motor both in store and online customer attraction, Chris Simpson, Director of Digital, More2
  • Audience Q&A & real-time polls


About our partner: more2 is an independent agency serving retail and eCommerce businesses. more2 helps companies grow by leveraging their biggest asset – their customer data.

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