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Christian Cowan collaborates with Candy Crush on wearable ‘Sweet Seat’

Chloe Burney
26 July 2023

Acclaimed fashion designer Christian Cowan has collaborated with the beloved animated game Candy Crush Saga, creating the Sweet Seat to make commuting all that bit more fashion-forward.

Inspired by dreaded daily commutes, the Sweet Seat is a fashionable and functional solution to ease commuters' journeys.

The designer is renowned for his tongue-in-cheek playful works – just look to his Tellytubbies collaboration, for example. Together with Candy Crush, Cowan has put a humorous touch on the high-camp Sweet Seat.

Christian Cowan commented: "This piece is inspired by the fun that Candy Crush brings to mundane tasks like commuting. Public transit could use a dose of glamour, especially in New York City and London, and the Sweet Seat brings that glamour in a fun, fashionable, and over-the-top way.

"What I love about this collaboration is that it brings a joyful solution to an everyday problem in a way that’s both out-of-the-box and camp."

The vibrant piece features a tear-drop silhouette garment that can be worn solo as a dress, or over the top of an outfit as an accessory. Functionally, the garment works like a beanbag, meaning the wearer can take a seat anywhere while on the go.

Luken Aragon, VP Marketing at Candy Crush Saga, added: "Our loyal fans who play Candy Crush on-the-go love the colour and fun that we bring to their everyday lives.

"Whether they’re waiting in a long queue or battling the daily commute - without a seat, we want to be able to help bring them that joy and vibrancy to their day so that nothing gets in the way of levelling up. Collaborating with Christian to bring to life the candies that these players know and love - and can now wear - has been truly divine."

The Sweet Seat is available for purchase now on Christian Cowan’s site for £788.

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