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BURO 24/7 appoints Kate Stephens as new Editor-in-Chief

Alice Ierace
02 May 2019

BURO.Global has announced the appointment of Kate Stephens as Editor-in-Chief and Global Editorial Director of luxury tech-media brand BURO 24/7.Stephens will lead the creative and editorial vision for the upcoming global flagship from the company’s new HQ in Soho, London. She will also oversee and develop the brand’s existing network.

Kate Stephens commented: “My aim is to disrupt an increasingly formulaic media landscape with a content proposition that is as innovative as it is impactful... where creativity is fuelled by data, rather than being supplemented by it, and where every pixel produced is delivered with an unwavering commitment to quality, beauty and style.”

With a passionate and long-standing commitment to driving and supporting editorial innovation and excellence in the digital space, Stephens is excited to bring her unique brand of creative digital expertise to the UK launch of BURO 24/7 where she is also building an editorial team.

Nick Smith, CEO of BURO.Global, added: “BURO.Global continues to attract best-in-class talent to BURO 24/7, the disruptor of luxury media. Kate has what I think is a unique expertise within our category to build highly engaged and loyal audiences through a focus on triggering experience and emotion via premium digital content - the key to unlocking the hearts and minds of affluent millennials.

"She joins a knock-out group of editors-in-chiefs across the BURO 24/7 network, the first I hope to truly operate as a global network, but with the deepest of local engagement in each of our 11, and growing, markets.”

Since launching in 2011, BURO 24/7 has become "a leading editorial voice and innovator" in the premium lifestyle category. With a focus on emerging luxury markets and a core audience of 18- to 34-year-olds, it has grown its presence to 11 countries across four continent and its audience reach is now 11.5m.

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