Burberry partners with TheRealReal to encourage the resale of its clothes


Burberry has partnered with resale platform TheRealReal to encourage consumers to resell their clothes and consider refreshing their wardrobes with second-hand buys.

The British luxury house said the move was part of its determination to help create a circular economy for fashion and a more sustainable future for the planet.

“Leading the way in creating a more circular economy for fashion is a key element of our Responsibility agenda,” said Pam Batty, VP Corporate Responsibility, Burberry.

“The RealReal shares our ambition to promote the circular economy and keep clothing in use for longer. We know that the enduring quality of Burberry pieces means their appeal and value is long-lasting. Through this new partnership we hope to not only champion a more circular future but encourage consumers to consider all the options available to them when they’re looking to refresh their wardrobes,” she added.

Burberry SS20

Since the arrival of new chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci, who brought with him an edgier urban aesthetic, demand for Burberry has surged among Millennial and Gen Z consumers with TheRealReal saying searches for the brand have increased by 64% year-on-year.

“A brand as storied as Burberry embracing the circular economy demonstrates the power of resale’s impact on both the luxury market and the planet,” said Julie Wainwright, CEO of The RealReal. “I hope together we’ll be a part of pioneering a future in which circularity is a consideration for every luxury brand.”

Building on their shared ambition to make fashion circular, Burberry and The RealReal have made a donation to Materials for the Arts to support its work in helping people rethink the way they look at materials and waste, as well as educating the public on the importance of creative reuse.

TheIndustry.fashion recently carried out a study of British fashion shoppers’ attitudes towards sustainability in which 35% of consumers said they would be happy to shop on a re-sale platform in a bid to consume fashion more sustainably.

Source: TheIndustry.fashion. Reuse, Recycle & Rental: How Sustainability Concerns Are Shaking Up The Way We Shop, August 2019

The report – Reuse, Recycle Rental: How Sustainability Concerns Are Shaking Up The Way We Shop – that 38% of consumers would be happy to shop in a brand’s own second-hand store/department should one exist, and  34% would be happy to go to charity or vintage stores.

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