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BrandLab Fashion creates most advanced B2B digital wholesale platform

Tom Bottomley
05 May 2020

Ground-breaking digital wholesale platform BrandLab Fashion has developed an industry leading technology to recreate brand showrooms using virtual reality.

Unlike its competitors, which tend to be more like product directories and e-commerce style product listings, BrandLab can recreate any brand’s physical showroom in a 3D digital format and, with the use of immersive technology, it can provide integrated real time voice or video communication linked to live ordering facilities.

Taking care of the complete wholesale process, and with over 15,000 global retailers already signed up, BrandLab is being marketed as the most cost effective and innovative solution to open new wholesale accounts for fashion brands globally.

It provides continuity of a brand’s DNA and can custom build their virtual showroom using existing static imagery to recreate their brick and mortar showroom space. Alternatively, brands can choose from a number of curated template backgrounds to create a bespoke environment.

BrandLab Fashion CEO, Jennifer Drury, said: “Our product development team have been working around the clock to find a solution that enables us to create our virtual showrooms remotely, without having to use physical samples to photograph at our studio.

The technology allows buyers to virtually browse collections, giving the showroom experience without actually having to visit the showroom, and it can provide one to one buying appointments, as well as allow buyers to view products in their own time to add directly to their wish-list. Pre-recorded sales presentations are another feature, and the whole package is being described as “a world first in fashion technology.”

Buyers can order from multiple brands with one transaction, and BrandLab can also take care of all invoices, purchase orders and credit control, as well as providing a brand dashboard to track and fulfil orders and inventory.

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