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Bomber jackets are most searched fashion trend, says Google

Lauretta Roberts
30 August 2016

Bomber jackets are the most searched for fashion item on Google, according to its latest Fashion Trends 2016 report. In April of this year searches for bomber jackets in the UK were up 297% year-on-year in the UK and an enormous 612% in the US.

The versatility of the bomber jacket and the myriad options from silk to military versions for men, women and kids are behind its appeal, as well as high profile celebrity wearers. According to Google, terms often searched in combination with bomber jacket, include "flight," "army," and "MA1" reflecting the more traditional military take on the item, but "satin", "silk", "pink", "florals", and "embroidery" were also commonly searched which demonstrates its appeal to women (though, as seen at Gucci, pictured above, and many high street versions thereof, embroidered satin bombers are not the sole preserve of womenswear).

Also commonly searched with bomber jacket are the terms  "mens," "womens," "petite," and "plus size" which, says Google, is a good indicator of its mainstream appeal while it is also starting to appeal to the children's market with terms such as "kids," "baby," and "toddler" starting to appear.

In terms of celebrities, it would appear that Kanye West and David Beckham are the most influential bomber jacket wearers.

Tibi Google

Tibi SS16

Off the shoulder

Another of SS16's major trends, off the shoulder, is also proving to be a popular search term. The off-the-shoulder look has grown in both markets from December 2015 to May 2016 with searches up 261% in the UK and 347% in the US. It is often associated with search terms such as "dress", "bikini", "wedding" and "beach" highlighting its seasonal appeal but it is also appealing to a wider consumer base as "maternity" and "kids" are often associated search terms, while "denim" and "lace" are the most popular materials.

The off-the-shoulder, or cold shoulder top, pioneered by brands such as US contemporary label Tibi, first appeared on catwalks in Spring 15 but took a while to take off. Its popularity a year later is seemingly due to the fact that it enables wearers of all ages to show a bit of flesh without being overtly sexy, and, again, celebrity wearers such as Kendall Jenner and Michelle Obama have helped its cause.

Bethany Mota Google

Bethany Mota: most searched for

Rompers or playsuits

A third key item identified by Google is the romper or playsuit. Also falling into this category, which has been dubbed "ready outfits", are two-piece dresses and co-ords (matching tops and bottoms). The British were the first to embrace the playsuit as Google noticed searches trending in 2013 while the US caught up in 2015 and growth has been steady since.

Top associated search terms span age groups ("baby," "teens," "adult"), occasion ("festival," "wedding," "beach"), and gender ("women," "girls," "men," "boys").

Top romper suit wearers include Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson, and Youtube creator (who also has a line with Aeropostale) Bethany Mota, who was also one of the most searched for fashion designers on Google, ahead of Kate Spade and Oscar de la Renta. This fact demonstrates the power of Youtube stars, as opposed to fashion industry stalwarts, among young audiences.

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