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ZigZag partners with Give Back Box to redirect landfill-bound clothes to charity

Tom Bottomley
28 June 2021

ZigZag Global, the platform that gives retailers the chance to turn their returns policy into a business game-changer, today announced a new partnership with Give Back Box, an organisation that enables retailers to send returning items straight to charity.

Together, ZigZag Global and Give Back Box aim to support the fashion industry to become more sustainable across the world.

According to Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), around 9 million tonnes of clothing end up in US landfills and 330,000 tonnes of clothing end up in UK landfills every year.

With millions of returns passing through ZigZag, the partnership between the returns platform and Give Back Box will help reduce landfill waste through a bespoke technology integration that allows customers to choose Give Back box as a return option, sending the item directly to charity.

The option will be available for retailers that meet the criteria to enable charity donations, and can happen in less than 60 seconds.

As the demand for returns continues to grow, the logistical capabilities of ZigZag will allow Give Back Box to better manage and support charity donations to online shoppers around the globe. Boasting over 400 different carrier services and 220 warehouses across over 130 countries, the expertise of ZigZag will help Give Back Box expand its international reach and bolster the catalogues of around 100 different charity organisations.

Al Gerrie, Co-Founder and CEO of ZigZag Global, commented: “As a founder member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we are always looking for ways to enrich our corporate and social responsibility and sustainability offerings. Give Back Box will enable ZigZag retailers to support local communities and charities quickly and easily, with the added benefit that all outbound packaging is reused for the charity returns. We are excited to work with Give Back Box and continue to promote a more circular economy.”

The new partnership comes at a crucial time giving retailers a hassle-free, cost-effective option for overseas returns that allow customers to choose a more sustainable way to return their goods directly to charity. With some of the world’s biggest brands, including Boohoo, Selfridges, Superdry, Ted Baker, GAP and The Hut Group as clients of ZigZag, the new partnership will boost donations from high quality brands.

Monika Wiela, Founder and CEO of Give Back Box, added: “From its paperless solution to its platform cutting carbon emissions, it is clear that ZigZag is aligned with Give Back Box’s goal to make retail greener.

“The partnership will make it even easier for customers to make charitable donations and will no doubt provide our participating charities with high quality and highly sought-after clothing.

As worries about environmental impact of returns and social justice increases, consumers are slowly shifting their priorities and looking for more sustainable options when buying and returning items online.

Sparked by the emergence of a more environmentally conscious consumer, the resale market will grow by 69% from 2019 to 2021, while the rest of retail shrinks by 15%, according to ThredUp’s 2020 Resale Report.

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