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ZAVI – a sustainable brand to watch

Marcus Jaye
15 October 2019

New sustainable fashion label, ZAVI, is the brainchild of Vibhuti Vazirani, a graduate of Business and Economics from The University of Exeter, who became increasingly conscious of the impact the fashion industry was having on our health and the environment. 

With no real training or background in fashion, Vazirani learnt everything she could possibly need to know; from fashion design, garment construction, textiles, weaving, dying methods, production methods, factory processes and global trends, to start her fledgling label. She decided to make the conscious choice to create a sustainable brand with no compromise on design or quality. 

Based in India, ZAVI’s men’s and womenswear uses exclusive organic and sustainable fabrics. ZAVI strives to provide conscious fashion that is relevant, desirable and affordable while ensuring that all their garments are 100% sustainable.


Fabrics used within the debut collection includes Lyocell, a natural man-made fibre made from wood cellulose that is obtained from sustainable tree farms, hemp, which has carbon negative properties, "Peace silk", also known as Ahimsa Silk, and, unlike conventional silk, is made from abandoned silk worm cocoons, recycled polyester made from non-virgin PET (polyethylene terephthalate), bamboo, which grows 10X more yield than cotton without any pesticides or GMOs (Genetically modified organisms) and organic cotton. All dyes used are organic and non-toxic. ZAVI’s current production is in-house and made-to-order, so they can ensure the highest standard of working environment for their staff and less wastage.

Prices range from £62 for a pair of organic cotton fleece men’s shorts to £225 for a cowl neck dress in 100% vegan silk. Designs include shirts, shorts and jackets for men and blouses, sweats and jumpsuits for women. The collection will be available to buy at with new drops to the collection taking place every three weeks.

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