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WUKA joins forces with The Hygiene Bank

Katie Ross
31 May 2024

Period underwear brand WUKA has partnered with The Hygiene Bank for World Menstrual Health Day 2024.

The partnership aims to help raise awareness and combat the rising issue of hygiene poverty in the UK.

From May 24 until today, WUKA donated reusable period products to The Hygiene Bank for every order placed, as well as a 28% discount sitewide.

According to The Hygiene Bank’s recent Hygiene Poverty 2024 report, 4.2 million adults in the UK have struggled to afford basic hygiene products in the past year, a 2% increase since 2022. The report also showed that in the last 12 months, 18% of UK adults have been unable to afford period products and 65% of parents have had to choose between buying products for themselves or their children.

Moreover, 68% report that hygiene poverty negatively impacts their mental health, with 60% feeling depressed and embarrassed. 13% of people have avoided work, 9% have avoided job interviews and 22% of parents have said their child’s academic performance has been affected.

WUKA Founder & CEO, Ruby Raut, said: “Period poverty affects millions of women and girls in the UK and it has to be addressed. It’s damaging, undignified, problematic, and frankly, unacceptable. Women and girls are left with no choice but to use dirty items of clothing, reuse or overuse tampons and pads, which is unhygienic and poses real health risks.

“We have to tackle it head-on with smart and sustainable solutions and our partnership with The Hygiene Bank is one more step towards addressing this critical issue. Smashing taboos, menstrual equity, accessibility, inclusivity and social and environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do at WUKA – we’re committed to making a real, positive, lasting impact on women and girls’ lives.”

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