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Weekday refashions old collections into on-trend designs

Lauretta Roberts
14 May 2019

H&M-owned Weekday is turning un-sold old collections into on-trend designs by modifying them and placing them back on sale as an online exclusive this summer.

The Re-Made collection has been co-created with the H&M Group’s Laboratory, the internal innovation department that explores new business models.

Made exclusively from denim, the Weekday in-house design team started the process by identifying existing garments with the most potential for adaptation, and subsequently created new styles.

Modifications have been as simple as removing the sleeves from denim jackets and the material removed from the garment is put to good use elsewhere, for instance in the creation of labels, to minimise waste.

"This project is just one of the ways that the H&M group aims to create a two-way dialogue with their customers and to provide them with sustainable fashion that they really want, thus making smarter choices for the environment and creating clothes that are more likely to be loved for longer," the company said in a statement.

The wider H&M group has been exploring ways to minimise waste and employ more sustainable materials. Its flagship H&M brand recently unveiled a collection made from discarded pineapple and orange peel.

Last year the H&M group said that some 57% of the materials it used came from recycled or sustainable sources, while its use of recycled or sustainable cotton rose to 95%.

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