#WattsWhat: The artisanal world of “haute couture”

Every once in a while something comes along that literally renders me speechless, which is as most people who know me well would say is truly rare! However, this video is a testament to a not often seen world of craft and technical artistry in the world of fashion. Following the creation of one piece “Look 5” for the DIOR 2011 haute couture collection, it takes the viewer on a journey from the designer’s sketch, to the finished garment on the catwalk in Paris.

The collection is of a time when the since reformed “enfant terrible” of fashion John Galliano was the creative director of the house of DIOR. But in fact, it’s not really even about Galliano or the brand of DIOR, but the skill and artisanal approach from the ateliers of “haute couture”.

I urge anyone with a passion for fashion to watch this film and I would be shocked if it did not make many think very differently about fashion and the way “fast” fashion has changed the world we inhabit.

Video: Studio H2O