#WattsWhat: Menswear – the devil is in the detail

Beards, brows (mono), black (in bad fabric), brown shoes, bare ankles or, worse, bare legs… The Industry Editor at Large David Watts has a “b” in his bonnet when it comes to bad styling among men. Herewith his top 10 “don’ts”.

  1. If you wear black then buy good quality fabrics – cheap black is depressing!
  2. White business shirts should never have a pocket or short sleeves.
  3. Pink, striped or novelty socks should not be worn with a formal suit – it’s an affectation of being stylish or rebellious and in fact looks ridiculous!
  4. Never wear brown or tan shoes with a formal black, navy or grey suit. Italians can carry it off in Italy – no one else can!
  5. Shorts of any kind are for the beach or the gym and should never be worn in town.
  6. Shoe polish was created for a purpose and it is true that you can tell a lot about a man by his footwear.
  7. Not wearing socks with formal brogues or loafers is just wrong!
  8. Beardism – it’s time for all those “new men” to get with the programme and shave it off.
  9. If the face of your wrist-watch is larger than the circumference of your wrist, then you need to seek professional help or get your eyes tested.
  10. Eyebrows – there are meant to be two!