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#WattsWhat: HAECKELS - made of margate

David Watts
21 March 2016

If you should find yourself at the Margate shoreline and you get a waft of coastal aroma, add to that a splash of seaweed enlightenment and you'll possibly have discovered the all natural fragrance and skin care brand HAECKELS - made of margate.

Founded by Dom Bridges and his partner Jo in 2012 this all-natural skin-care brand contains the natural goodness of the sea with elements that have been foraged on the Margate coastline.


Seaweed and botanicals are the mainstay of the products and are produced by hand in the lab at the back of their store in Margate. The name comes from the German botanist and biologist Ernst Haeckel whose work Bridges admires.


If the formulations are a feast for the olfactory senses, then the packaging and branding will have new fans queueing up! There is no doubting the fact that packaging can be as influential as the contents when it comes to selling grooming products, so it's no surprise then that Bridges comes from a film-making, ad agency background. One can immediately tell that every detail has been meticulously considered from the recycled cardboard to the amber glass bottles and the scripted paper labels.


The "gender-neutral" brand is garnering a lot of attention and is already stocked by Ace Boutiques Hotels, Selfridges, Oliver Spencer and the Goodhood store and is starting to build international traction also. The range is about to debut in the soon to be relaunched Menswear Department of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge flagship store which opens 7 April.

HAECKELS - made of margate 18 Cliff Terrace, Margate, CT9 1RV, United Kingdom.


Images: Courtesy

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