#WattsWhat: Fashion needs to embrace Nanotechnology.


A veritable tsunami of “wearable tech” jargon is currently awash in the fashion world. Apple continues to dominate the media with its new Watch but some already suggesting that the Apple is losing its shine. However, one needs to ask is the Apple Watch really a product we consider as fashion?

In my view, one of the key elements of the fashion industry is textiles, as in reality designers cannot make clothes without them. So with the increasing nanoparticle technology coming into the market, it would seem that we are overlooking new ways to affect fashion.

There are a number of existing nanoparticles being added to clothing such as microbe-killing nanosilver, which can kill bacteria and fungi. Silica particles can be added to the weave as well as used in coatings, which make textiles waterproof and stain resistant. Titanium dioxide and zinc-oxide nanoparticles can be added to fibres which then act as a wearable sun-block.

So with new developments in nanoprinting and nanoink, there might be many exciting opportunities to incorporate all of these areas into textile development, which could open up exciting creative opportunities for fashion designers.

Designers are missing the point, as we have learned with sustainability and environmentally friendly fashion, that the product has to look good in the first instance. This to me this is what “wearable tech” is really all about, including nano printing, which is an exciting development and something that many fashion brands need to be considering.