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Vivienne Westwood joins Letters to the Earth climate campaign

Sophie Smith
25 October 2021

British designer Vivienne Westwood has joined the Letters to the Earth campaign to support the United Nation's Climate Change Conference (COP26) next week.

In the countdown to COP26, videos and letters will be released each day before the UN Climate Change Conference, with the aim to inspire people to add their voice in a global call for ambitious climate action.

Filmed at the Shakespeare Globe, Westwood is set to release her own video letter as part of the sustainability initiative.

Commenting on the campaign, Vivienne Westwood, said: "The word economy means household management. The Earth is our home, so on a global scale economy means sustainability. We don't have that. We have no future. We have a financial system based on perpetual Trade War & Competition. True economy is based on the value of land and land belongs to no one."

Founded in 2019, in collaboration with Culture Declares Emergency, Letters to the Earth has invited the British public to write a creative response to the climate and ecological emergency.

Kay Michael, Co-Founding Director at Letters to the Earth, said: "Together we are building a new story. One where everyone everywhere is inspired to dream big and take courageous action to make the world greener, fairer and more resilient.

"As the UK takes up its presidential role on the global stage at COP26, we’re excited to bring together a diverse cast of change-makers on Shakespeare’s Globe stage. From within this national and historic institution we aim to raise our national ambition on climate change. The future needs us all.”

The Vivienne Westwood Letters to the Earth video will be released on 29 October.

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