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#VisibleLove campaign takes over Weekday this summer

Tom Shearsmith
27 June 2022

Weekday is celebrating LGBTQ+ rights and queer art in stores across Europe with a highly visible window exhibition.

#VisibleLove is curated by Container Love, a Berlin-based queer magazine and exhibition series seeking to promote the plurality of existence through the queer gaze. The #VisibleLove exhibition, displayed in windows and as installations in selected Weekday stores, will showcase photography from a series of artists.

The artwork on display at Weekday are teasers to an extended online exhibition with further interviews and editorials from the contributing artists. The exhibition aims to disrupt heteronormativity and extend the conversation surrounding equal representation.

There will also be posters of the artworks available for purchase on, with a portion of the proceeds going to Civil Rights Defenders.

T-shirts with eight prints by Container Love and some of the contributing artists will be available online, with proceeds going in equal share to the showcased artists and Weekday’s long term partner Civil Rights Defenders. Contributing photographers include Lindsey Ryklief, Jess T. Dugan, Rob Tennent, Allie + Jen, Soraya T. Zaman and Leo Maki.

Weekday exhibition LGBTQ+

In London, #VisibleLove will be live between 30 June and 7 July at Weekday’s Regent Street and Soho locations. In both stores, a special focus will be paid to the work of Soraya T. Zaman. An Australian photographer based in New York, Zaman’s work explores notions of gender identity and the lived experiences of trans people.

Their project American Boys provides an intimate look into experiences from the trans-masculine community from all across the United States.

Soraya T. Zaman, commented: "Queer presentation has been defined by what was palatable to the heteronormative society for too long. Yes, there’s been a shift but then at the same time in America, there is also a huge pushback now. Texas is trying to ban minors from seeing drag queens, while in Florida you can’t use the word gay in schools. Yet within the queer community, especially in New York, I think we are reaching a tipping point where anything goes now and that is wonderful."

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