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Virus defense continues with latest launch of COVID-killing fabric

Gaelle Walker
10 February 2021

Innovations in the antiviral fabric space are continuing at pace with the latest launch of a new antiviral, antibacterial fabric for use in the production of facemasks, gloves, clothing and seat covers.

The new Nano-VTS fabric, developed by Chinese firm Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co in collaboration with the Hong Kong Nano and Advanced Materials Institute, features a special biopolysaccharide polymer structure that actively adsorbs and captures bacteria and viruses and then kills them through biological activity.

Effective even after 30 washes, the fabric is claimed to kill three of the seven known coronaviruses that can infect humans including COVID-19 within 60 minutes.

The findings have been confirmed by the British Virology Research Services which found that the virus was reduced by 90% within five minutes of contact with the fabric and 99.99% after 120 minutes.

The fabric has also passed international standard antiviral and safety tests in US Microbac, British Intertek, Swiss SGS, Guangdong Detection Centre of Microbiology, CNTAC Testing Centre, and German Hohenstein.

Patents have been filed around the world to protect its intellectual property.

The launch is the latest in a string of innovations in anti-virus fabrics, with Diesel having unveiled “virus-fighting” denim last year while Aviro, which creates facemasks and clothing that can kill 99.9% of viruses on contact, expanded into sportswear and apparel.

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