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Victoria's Secret debuts new digital-only brand, Dress X launches on Roblox and NFT wedding dresses: Moves in the metaverse

Camilla Rydzek
20 April 2022

From Victoria's Secret making first moves into the metaverse with a new digital-only brand, to virtual fashion platform DressX launching a new collection on Roblox, and Pronovias becoming the first bridal brand to launch NFTs – here is everything you need to know about what's happening on the new virtual frontier.

Victoria's Secret launches fully digital tweens brand

Happy Nation

Happy Nation

Lingerie business Victoria's Secret & Co has announced that it is launching a new fully digital brand called Happy Nation aimed at tweens (ages eight to 13). The new brand will operate wholly separate to the VS&Co business and has no plans to open retail stores in the future. Instead, it aims to "engage its customers on the platforms they use most" and has teased its entrance into the metaverse on a "popular youth gaming platform" later this summer. Happy Nation will offer size-inclusive and gender-free product assortment of sweats, swim, bras, undies and family friendly body care.

DressX launches a virtual fashion collection on Roblox

Digital fashion platform DressX has collaborated with online gaming platform Roblox for a six-piece metaverse-ready collection. This follows Roblox's recent addition of the Layered Clothing feature that allows users to design clothing that imitate the look and movement of real-life fashion. DressX will be the first to use the new feature, designing clothing, including five sweatshirts (one features the slogan "Decarbonize") and a festival-ready black dress, for virtual Roblox characters. The new DressX collection costs between 50 to 200 ROBUX (Roblox currency) and can also be "worn" by users outside of platform, as they can overlay their own photos and videos with the pieces and try it on via the AR feature on the DressX app.

Pronovias becomes first bridal business to create NFT

Pronovias wedding dress NFT

Pronovias' new bridal NFT collection

Global bridal fashion brand Pronovias claims to be the first in its market to launch NFTs, as its aims to "unify art and bridal fashion in the metaverse". It has based its NFTs on three wedding dresses from its 2023 Versailles collection and announced the move as part of its ongoing comittment to digital transformation. Under the supervision of its Artistic Director Alessandra Rinaudo the real-life dresses were transformed into digital art, with close attention being paid to reproduce the gowns’ patterns, their textures, their beading and how they reflect the light. The three NFT's will be uploaded to the OpenSea platform and can be viewed on the Pronovias website.

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