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Vanish and BFC to show Generation Rewear documentary during LFW

Tom Bottomley
11 June 2021

Garment care brand Vanish has once again partnered with the British Fashion Council (BFC) to create an exclusive documentary, called Generation Rewear, which will be shown in full for the first time as part of the London Fashion Week schedule at 2pm on Saturday 12 June, presented by Clearpay.

Taking a look behind the scenes at the world of sustainable fashion, the thought-provoking documentary aims to raise awareness around the growing issue of clothes waste.

The documentary has previously run as a three-episode series exclusively on Amazon, but this is the premiere of it being shown in its entirety to a targeted audience.

It addresses consumers’ excessive consumption of clothing and the culture of extreme disposability, while simultaneously celebrating the innovative designers, companies and ordinary people seeking to reduce fashion’s impact on the environment by re-thinking the design, manufacturing and care of our clothes, as well as individuals “walking the path of slow fashion.”

Petit Pli

Petit Pli

Innovative businesses are championed, including sustainable laundry service Oxwash, ground-breaking kids clothing brand Petit Pli and London-based app service, Sojo.

Some of the fashion industry’s brightest, most innovative young designers also feature, including Phoebe English, Olubiyi Thomas and Liam Hodges, who have all pioneered sustainable ways of working within their own ranges.

Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Reckitt Benckiser (RB) UK and Ireland, which owns the Vanish brand, said: “By shining a light on a next generation of designers and innovators, we hope to encourage people to embrace more sustainable ways by caring for their clothes. Not only is this good for the planet, but it also builds a deeper connection with the clothes we own.

“By helping clothes live longer, we hope that people re-think how they value and connect with clothes. The documentary also demonstrates how simple adjustments and styling tricks can breathe new life into unloved clothes that have barely been worn.”

In addition to the LFW partnership, the alliance will also see Vanish conduct research as part of the Institute of Positive Fashion’s launch project, "The Circular Fashion EcoSystem Project", to understand what it will take to create a viable circular fashion industry in the UK.

Vanish will also establish a year-long consumer education programme to embed more sustainable fashion behaviours in collaboration with industry experts, fashion influencers and thought leaders.

The documentary tackles the ever-growing issue of throwaway fashion, which has taken hold in the UK, with research by Vanish revealing that over two thirds (64%) of people surveyed admitting to wearing an item of clothing just once, and half (50%) owning an item they have never worn.

The nation’s throwaway mindset is a behaviour that sees 350,000 tonnes of clothing sent to landfill every year.

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