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UKFT launches Sew Connect to highlight renewed interest in sewing

Tom Bottomley
22 May 2020

The UK Fashion and Textile Association has launched a new initiative called UKFT Sew Connect to highlight the renewed interest in sewing in response to the shortage of scrubs for frontline NHS workers and others in need of PPE.

Volunteers from the general public have been forming localised hubs across the UK and taking to their sewing machines to help the national interest.

UKFT Sew Connect aims to capture the renewed interest in sewing and help meet the growing demand for fashion and textiles made in the UK, as it comes at a time when the industry is struggling to attract new recruits into manufacturing roles.

The new UKFT initiative aims to promote a "From Scrubs to Jobs" philosophy, and it has created social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to connect potential employees with employers.

Employers can make themselves known, advertise vacancies and highlight potential careers, while sewing machinists - or anyone interested in joining the sector - can follow the pages and highlight their experience, the job they would like to do and where they are from.

Adam Mansell UKFT

Adam Mansell UKFT

Adam Mansell, CEO of UKFT, said: “It has been incredible to see such a dramatic public response to the scrubs shortage. We wanted to highlight vacancies to volunteers that might consider a career in our industry.

“The manufacture of fashion and textiles is growing steadily in the UK and companies across the UK are looking for skilled sewing machinists, garment makers and textile specialists. It would be great if we could help our manufacturing industry grow out of this crisis.”

UKFT has also partnered with The Scrub Hub for Southport & Ormskirk Hospital Trust and local manufacturers to create the UKFT Pop-Up Sewing Machinist Training School.

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