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UK Government launches call for evidence to consider a fur import and sales ban

Tom Shearsmith
01 June 2021

Following a one million signature petition, the UK Government has launched a formal Call for Evidence to inform a decision on banning the import and sale of animal fur.

Fur farming has been banned across Britain since 2003, but since then the UK has imported more than £800 million worth of animal fur from countries including Finland, China, France and Poland.

Claire Bass, Executive Director for Humane Society International UK said: “We welcome Defra’s Call for Evidence as a significant milestone in our #FurFreeBritain campaign and hopefully the first concrete step towards banning the sale of cruel fur in the UK. This is an important opportunity for both individual consumers and fashion businesses to let the government know that fur is firmly out of fashion in the UK.

“As the government defines the UK as a new independent nation in trade, it’s critical that we use this moment to stop bankrolling cruel industries overseas – we banned fur farming here because it was too cruel so we should not be paying people overseas to incarcerate animals for their whole lives in tiny cages all for a bobble hat or hood trim. When the selling stops the suffering stops too, and we are hopeful that this Call for Evidence will give Government everything it needs to move forward confidently with a ban."

In February, Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a letter signed by 50 of Britain’s biggest stars, including Dame Judi Dench, Dr Brian May, Leona Lewis, Alesha Dixon and Ricky Gervais, all backing a ban.

In April, a petition of more than one million signatures was handed in to No.10 Downing Street by the #FurFreeBritain coalition which includes Humane Society International, PETA UK, RSPCA, and Animal Aid.

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