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UK and EU governing bodies pressured to ban single-use beauty sample sachets

Gaelle Walker
10 December 2020

A number of senior political figures have lent their support to a new campaign calling on the UK government and European Union to ban the use of plastic single-serve sample sachets commonly used by the beauty industry. 

Launched by environmental Group A Plastic Planet, the "Sack The Sample Sachet’" campaign wants sample sachets to be included in the single-use plastics ban, along with stirrers, straws and cotton buds.

Signed by a number of Lords, MPs and MEPs, the open letter sent to European Union and UK government officials by A Plastic Planet stated: “The personal care industry is expected to be the most lucrative end-use market for sachet packaging.

“Shampoo, moisturiser, perfume, shower gel and face wipes as well as home care products including detergent and cleaning supplies – are all offered in single use, valueless and unrecyclable sachets.” 

“Sample sachets are the ultimate symbol of our grab and go lifestyle – used to drive instant sales but destined to pollute our planet for centuries. We cannot go on like this.

A raft of solutions already exist. Solutions which use systems and materials that work with nature not against it. There are no more excuses. Campaign Group A Plastic Planet believes it’s time to stamp our non-food plastic sample sachets once and for all.

“That’s why we are calling on the UK government and European Union to include plastic single serve sachets in the single use plastics ban.”

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