Three steps to strengthen your brand’s mobile strategy

It’s imperative your fashion brand remains competitive, and to do that you need to build a sound mobile strategy. Research from Barclays stated that UK consumer spending on mobile is to top £53bn by 2024. Given that’s only eight years away, your fashion brand needs to ensure its mobile offering is strong and relevant to the mobile customer sooner rather than later.

Here are three steps to help ensure you do just that…

Step one: Create comprehensive buyer personas

Creating buyer personas is a must to build a relevant and specifically targeted mobile strategy. How do you even start to build them? If you’ve historically collected data in some form, perhaps using Google Analytics or surveys, you can start using this data, alongside current customer surveys to figure out exactly who your audience is made up of. You can create your personas from scratch by using

Step two: Find out what those buyer personas want and give it to them

Gathering a focus group packed full of your newly built buyer personas, asking them what they think of your current mobile offering, what they found difficult about your product searches on mobile, what is was they expected to see and access through your mobile site, is all highly valuable feedback. Asking them what they like about competitor sites, and what they feel you fall down on in comparison to X are all questions you need the answers to, to ultimately deliver content and products that are particularly relevant to your buyers.

Step three: Refine, test and repeat.

Always look to better your mobile offering. Getting specific user experience testing groups to test every inch of your mobile journey is important. Companies including What Users Do, are a great option, to help you truly refine and continually test your mobile experience. This is how you can continue to increase your conversion rates. Testing and refining website and user experience elements, are key to strengthening your mobile strategy and offering, ensuring you remain current when it comes to user experience trends and competitive where the industry is concerned.

These three steps are simply just the basics to start to strengthen your fashion brand’s mobile strategy. But, once you’ve got the basics, you can build up slowly from there. Remember, it’s not a race. You need to ensure you deliver a high quality mobile experience for your customers first time, if you just rush it all you could damage your mobile shopping reputation.

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