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VISIT to launch exclusive study into how Britain will shop for fashion

Lauretta Roberts
22 March 2019

Some 54% of Britons shop for fashion at least once a month or more – a figure which rises to 77% for Gen Z consumers (16-24 year olds) – and they have every intention of maintaining their frequency of shopping in the coming year.

The figures have been revealed in to a new and exclusive landmark study soon to be launched by, How Britain Will Shop for Fashion in 2019 and Beyond.

Throughout February 2019 surveyed 1,000 consumers from across the UK and across all age groups, regions and socio-economic backgrounds. The extensive study sought to discover the influences and motivations behind Britons' decisions to spend on fashion and how they expect to behave in the coming year.

As well as the frequency of shopping,, quizzed shoppers on their spending habits. The all important Gen Z consumer is evenly split between planning to increase spend and decrease it (32% each), but when you add in the 24% who intend to keep spend the same, retailers can feel confident the desire to spend is still there.

The older the customer gets (see chart) the less likely they are to spend more on fashion (perhaps unsurprisingly) but they have (by and large) little intention of reducing spend either. 

The study covers frequency and value of spend, preferred channels, the effectiveness of media and social media in influencing spend (for those who follow them, influencers are key, despite the recent press backlash), the impact of sustainability concerns and the factors that would encourage more spending in-store and on-line. We also find out which are the nation's favourite retailers and etailers.


Today, we have published Part 1 of our Executive Summary of the report, exclusively for subscribers to our new The Intelligence service, which combines an essential fashion industry master database of the industry's most influential businesses, large and small, with up to 30 key data points on each.

To complement the database we will be publishing regular exclusive studies consumer behaviour diving deep into the shopper psyche to help retailers make better strategic decisions as they seek to gain share of spend in this increasingly challenging and dynamic market.

Access to The Intelligence costs just £297.50 per annum (a special Founder Member rate available for a limited period only). You can gain access immediately by clicking here, or contact [email protected] to request a free trial.

The full findings of How Britain will Shop for Fashion in 2019 and Beyond will be published in a two-part extensive study in April, which will be made available to subscribers to The Intelligence.


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