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The Interview: Tom Andrews, Co-Founder & Designer, Done London

Tom Shearsmith
17 January 2020

South London independent brand Done London opened its doors in 2012 to customers online, and recently collaborated with Transport for London to produce a hugely successful London Underground collaboration, with future plans in the works. Co-Founder and Designer, Tom Andrews, tells us how the brand is developing.

What is the Done London brand all about?

Done London is an independent design and print studio, specialising in hand screen-printed graphic apparel, operational since 2012 and inspired by skate and BMX subcultures, urban music & art scenes. It's a grassroots brand based in Lewisham, producing casual streetwear styled garments. Our designs are informed by our interests and subcultures, with many being focused around London, which lead to us obtaining a licence from Transport for London.

What are the origins of Done London?

We met through a mutual friend in 2010/2011 who had a studio space which we rented and set up a small screen printing studio. This was in Peckham. At the end of 2011 we moved the studio to Hackney Wick, where we stayed until the beginning of 2013. After that we moved to Hither Green in Lewisham, where we still currently reside. This is where we started working on the brand and printing business more formally.

Done London

Can you give us an insight into the production of your products?

Everything we produce is hand screen-printed by us on our hand operated print carousel. We only print on the highest quality garments, with the aim being that our products will stand the test of time. Quality over quantity.

As such an iconic signature of London, how did the TfL collaboration come about?

We’ve always loved the design and aesthetic of the London Underground and one of our pieces was picked up by a licensing agent who was working on behalf of TfL. They got in touch with us and we talked about the potential for working on a collection so we jumped at the opportunity.

Done London

What has the reaction been to the TfL collaboration we reported on in December last year?

It’s been amazing to be honest. It’s been very well received. We’ve gained lots of new customers, with a far wider ranging demographic of customers to what we are used to.

What’s the future for Done London, where do you see the brand heading in the next 6 months, and then the next two years? Are you seeking future collaborations or investment?.

We will be continuing to work with TfL throughout 2020 with some very exciting products in the pipeline.

Further to that we will continue to develop and hone our printing skills with the look to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are always open and interested in collaborating with other brands and artists. There are a few things planned but we can’t say too much at this stage as nothing has been finalised.

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