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The Interview: Nicholas Kirkwood

Alice Ierace
29 April 2019

After his bespoke retail installation in Selfridges, designer Nicholas Kirkwood talked to TheIndustry.Fashion about his new collection, signature pieces and his lates collaboration with WIFE NYC.

Let’s talk about the new silhouettes. What changed compared to your other collections and signature pieces?

This collection started with a reflection on the tension between digital organic. Both are of inspiration for me, which is why I have searched for ways of incorporating them both in the collection.

How did you manage to move your signature pieces along in this collection?

Each collection gives me the opportunity to transform the signature elements of my design into something different. For example, a recurring element such as the pearl might be enlarged and its placement changed according to the new seasonal shapes.

What prompted you to collaborate with WIFE NYC for this bespoke retail installation concept?

Sophie combines natural elements and the illusion of digital within her work. The patterns she paints on the flowers are highly inspired by technology. I got fascinated by her ability to capture both by the beauty of something organic such as flowers, and the disruption provoked by the injection of technology within it. The installation’s name is ‘Powered by Nature’ and features a large floral composition at its centre and screens all around it. The screens are seemingly powered by the natural force at the core of the composition.

Did you explore the digital versus organic in the collection as well? If so how?

Yes. The whole collection focuses on the harmony and disharmony of materials, to embody the conceptual tension between digital and organic. Embroidered lace over a perforated technical leather, for example, or the prints inspired by digital interference.

The installation will be available in the Selfridges' Oxford Street Flagship store until 5 May 2019.

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