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The Industry's Navaz Batliwalla Collaborates

The Industry London
07 November 2011

In the new wave of fashion collaborations, bloggers and designers are teaming up, and one such pairing comes from within The Industry.

Navaz Batliwalla, a.k.a Disneyrollergirl and member of The Industry was invited to participate in a unique creative project as part of Peroni Collaborazioni and Navaz, along with two other “of the UK’s most influential fashion bloggers”, was partnered with a fashion designer to create a fashion piece inspired by Italian Style.

Navaz choose Shaun Samson, a menswear designer, as her design cohort and this is the piece that they came up with:

Navaz says, “I started off thinking about knitwear (spurred by Shaun’s graduate collection that melded knits, plains and denim so expertly together) which took me back to the golden age of Benetton’s rainbow coloured vision and Missoni’s iconic zig zags. Then I got hooked on the idea of the eccentrics: Schiaparelli, Anna Piaggi, Moschino, because I love wit and humour in fashion. Then the classic luxe heritage of Italian style as personified by Armani, Gucci and Fendi’s fabulous furs took hold. But in the end, after much debate, we arrived at a different place.”

Read more about Navaz's collaboration on her blog, Disneyrollergirl

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