The Index September/October 2020: Part 2 The Brands & The Buzz Scores

The Index Klarna

Welcome to The Index, Part 2 The Brands & The Buzz Scores, produced in partnership with Klarna. In this section of our regular survey of British fashion shoppers we see how 100 influencer brands fared when it came to store and website visits as the UK was in the “inter-Lockdown” period.

We also track sentiment towards brands through our unique Buzz Scores. Our scores were down across the board this month as bad news about retailers seeped into the public psyche and our worst performers – somewhat unsurprisingly – were Debenhams and Edinburgh Woollen Mill whose continuing woes were all too apparent to the fashion consumer.

On a more positive note, at the higher end of the chart, Selfridges and its efforts to remain positive, creative and, of course, sustainable, even under the most unprecedented pressure, has landed well with consumers, while Amazon retains its top spot.

The Buzz Scores are a great indicator of which brands will make it out of the pandemic in a positive place, so they are well worth tracking.

Download the report below to find out how your business and competitors fared. And remember to consult Part 1 of our study each month to find out which sectors, formats and channels are finding favour with the pandemic-gripped consumer.


The Index is produced in proud partnership with Klarna.