The Index Part 2 November 2019: The Brands & The Buzz Scores

The Index

This month in The Brands & The Buzz Scores section of The Index in partnership with Klarna, we bring our first “Live” Tracking Charts which will enable you to assess the month on month performance of 100 of the UK’s leading fashion brands and retailers.

Each month we ask 2,000 representative British consumers, who have all shopped for fashion in the past three months, to tell us which brands & retailers they have visited and which they have shopped at, either in-store, on-line or both.

Since this is the second time we have carried out this study we are able to start showing movements in performance month on month, which as time progresses will be able to show us how each brand is performing; who’s growing in favour and who’s losing it.

To underline the point, we also ask our consumers to tell us which brands & retailers they have heard positive or negative “Buzz” about in the past three month, which leads to the creation of an overall Buzz Score for each brand. Some good news here for Sports Direct and Debenhams, who both turned last month’s negative scores into positives.

Download your exclusive reports below. The first part will show you all of the brands’ performance in the context of their peers in like-for-like sectors from Online Pureplayers, to High Street, Sports and Luxury, plus the Buzz Scores. Download the Appendices for your Live Tracking Charts which will be updated every month.

The Index is produced in proud partnership with Klarna.

The Brands & The Buzz Scores


The Live Tracking Charts