The Index Part 2 January 2020: The Brands & The Buzz Scores

Part 2 of our monthly brand and retail tracker The Index, in partnership with Klarna, shows exactly how our 100 tracked brands from the high street to the high end of luxury performed in January 2020.

Following on from Part 1 in which we tracked the formats and channels our 2,000 nationally representative shoppers frequented, this report show exactly which stores and websites they visited and which they bought from and which they did not.

It also includes our all-important Buzz Scores, which show the positive and negative consumer sentiment towards each brand. These scores demonstrate that negative news (even if it largely resides on the financial pages of newspapers) penetrates the customer psyche and affects their perception of a brand.

In this month’s chart, formerly strong performers such as John Lewis and Ted Baker, have seen large chunks eroded from their scores while collapsed value fashion retailer Bonmarche has slumped to the negative scale.

Be sure to read both sections of this report, the main report AND the appendix, in which each brand’s performance is individually tracked month-on-month. We are four months into our tracking and interesting stories are beginning to emerge.

They can both be downloaded below.

The Brands & The Buzz Scores


The Appendix (“Live Tracking” charts)


The Index is produced in proud partnership with the Pay later company, Klarna.