The Index May/June 2020 – Part 1 The Sectors, The Channels, The Formats & The Behaviours

The Index

As non-essential stores in England were heading out of lockdown at the end of May and early June, we surveyed 2,000 fashion shoppers on their fashion shopping behaviour over the past three months and how they expected it to change in coming six months.

The results form Part 1 of The Index, our unique monthly study which is produced in proud partnership with Klarna. In Part 2 we will look at how, specifically 100 leading brands are performing, at the moment and how they are regarded by the general public.

This study shines a light on how COVID-19 is changing the way we shop with consumers forced to buy all of their clothing online. People who were previously reluctant online spenders – typically older consumers – are now happily used to e-commerce and the question for retailers is, will they stay that way?

Equally, since supermarkets have been able to open throughout lockdown, a growing number of consumers have been forced to familiarise themselves with their fashion offers, which are now more popular than ever.

Some encouraging stats in here show that consumers are now feeling the need to buy more clothes over the next six months that they were when we last surveyed them though, unsurprisingly with all of the promotional activity underway, they don’t feel inclined to pay more for them.

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The Index, Part 1. The Sectors, The Channels, The Formats & The Behaviours.


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