The Index April 2020: Part 2 The Brands & The Buzz Scores

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If ever there was a time that reputations were going to be made or lost, it was now. And our exclusive study of British fashion shoppers, The Index, is testament to this.

In part two of our monthly study, we ask consumers to tell us exactly where they have shopped for fashion across 100 top brands and, crucially, how they feel about them. On the basis of positive and negative consumer sentiment, each brand is awarded a unique “Buzz Score”.

This survey was taken just after the UK entered lockdown, so it was clear to the public how brands handled the lockdown and what their early contribution to the COVID-19 cause was. It is already evident which brands received a vote of confidence from the public. Winners include Amazon, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Farfetch who all made great leaps in terms of positive public perception.

The worst candidate? Sports Direct. Mike Ashley’s retailer took a positive +8% positive score and turned it into a staggering -21% score for initially attempting to resist the lockdown and hassling Government ministers for special dispensation to open when they clearly had more pressing matters to deal with. What a shame. It has a chance to redeem itself with its approach to re-opening.

Make sure you read both the main body of this report which contains the Buzz Scores and the live tracking charts to show you how each brand has performed month on month since Autumn 2019.

The Brands & the Buzz Scores.


The “Live” Tracking charts.


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