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The Idle Man launches guide for national Men's Grooming Day

Lauretta Roberts
20 August 2015
The Idle Man's Men's Grooming Guide

Beard maintenance: just one of the guide's topics

The nation's men are expected to look that bit sharper tomorrow (21 August) since it's National Men's Grooming Day. On hand to help them is men's online fashion retailer The Idle Man, which has launched an e-book grooming guide in partnership with a number of industry experts.

The free guide, which is the first in a series of e-books planned by the retailer, features advice and guidance on topics such as "How to Recover from a Late Night" and "How to Avoid Shaving Rash and Ingrown Hairs".

Also included are instructions on how to re-create classic hairstyles with tips on what to ask your barber and how to create the style at home, such as the Side Sweep (in association with Porters Barbers) and the New Quiff (in association with The Groom Room).

The Guide's Front Cover

The Guide's Front Cover

Of the Side Sweep the guide says:

"Smart classic look: A very timeless hair cut for gents who rock the smart look every day but don't want to spend hours styling their hair in front of the mirror.

Ask your barber: A scissor cut all over, keeping a medium length through the back and sides and slightly longer on top so you can sweep it over to one side. Taper the edges very lightly with clippers to add a clean and polished look. Keep to a natural parting line.

How to style: Use a brush and hairdryer to sweep the majority of the hair to the preferred side, use a comb to add a straight parting and comb the hair back. Once its almost dry add a pea size amount of American Crew Defining Paste lightly on top keep the hair in place."

Grooming products brand American Crew is the founder and sponsor of Men's Grooming Day, which takes place on the third Friday in August every year.

Other partners in The Idle Man project include:

- Drakes of London
- Pall Mall Barbers
- Bulldog Skincare
- Gorilla Warfare
- Ky’Cut Wilson

The e-book is available to download here.
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