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The fashion brands generating the most CO2 from website searches

Tom Shearsmith
09 February 2021

Online orders have surged over the last 12 months as customers shop from the comfort of their home - just last week ASOS announced the purchase of four Arcadia group retailers, and Boohoo having recently purchased Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and Burton.

With this in mind, energy experts SaveOnEnergy has conducted a report into how much CO2 on average could be generated from website visits to the UK’s most popular online fashion retailers.

SaveOnEnergy’s analysis of 25 different retailers reveals which UK fashion retailer is potentially the largest contributor to CO2 by examining how much CO2 is potentially produced from visits to their website.

The results revealed that Next is potentially the largest contributor, with 14,127kg of CO2 produced every month from website visits. This is the equivalent of emissions from driving 11 trips from London to New York.

One visit to the Next website produces 2.77g of carbon dioxide.

CO2 Fast Fashion contributions

In second place is Boohoo, with a potential of 10,815kg of CO2 emitted each month. This is the equivalent emissions of driving 26,836 miles. Equivalent to one trip around the earth’s circumference, plus another few thousand miles.

One visit to the Boohoo website generates 7.21g of CO2, making it the largest contributor per visit for a website.

In third place is ASOS, with a potential of 3,075kg of CO2 generated each month on average from website visits. Equivalent emissions of driving 7,630 miles.

A single visit to the ASOS website generates 1.23g, placing it amongst the bottom five for emissions from single visits.

CO2 Fast Fashion contributions

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