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The Centre for Sustainable Fashion urges MPs to look at fashion's environmental impact again

Tom Shearsmith
27 March 2020

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is urging the UK Government's influential Environmental Audit Committee to put fashion's impact on the world back on the agenda of subjects it plans to investigate.

Having written to the re-convened Environmental Audit Committee following the election, The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is asking them to continue the work of the previous committee, in relation to fashion and sustainability.

The EAC’s 2018 inquiry into the fashion industry, culminating in the EAC report, ‘Fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability’ lays out a clear path to progress for the sector, ready for the uptake. 

The inquiry, chaired by Mary Creagh MP, made a number of radical proposals all of which were rejected by the government.

The committee has set out its plans, which, so far, do not include a continuation of this work.

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion said in a statement: "We would like to invite all to submit a letter too, so that our amazing designers, doing pioneering, critical work, that foregrounds the health and wellbeing of all, within an earth-centred value system, can be valued above those whose sights are restricted to an economy centred lens."

Short written submissions are invited to aid the Committee in prioritising its programme of work. These can be submitted via the Committee’s website by 5pm on Thursday 9 April.

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