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Supplycompass Helps Making Fashion Sustainable

Alice Ierace
01 January 1970

In recent years, sustainability has played a significant role within the fashion industry and has rapidly become a priority amongst both luxury and high-street brands. This year is quickly shaping to be an exciting year of change for the industry with brands such as H&M and Lindex committing to zero waste and the use of sustainable and recycled fabrics.

In 2018, Gus Bartholomew and Flora Davidson decided to launch Supplycompass – a responsible sourcing company redefining global supply chains. The platform simplifies and humanises the production process, providing a transparent, responsible solution that works for factories as well as brands.

Specialising in fashion, interiors and accessories, Supplycompass connects SMEs with the best international manufacturers from its trusted network in Europe and India. Vetted factory partners are carefully selected for brands based on their proximity to the source of materials to help supporting local materials, keeping costs down and building local-to-global supply chains.

The company’s mission is to bring better structure and visibility to production by creating  trusted and transparent supply chains, offering the most responsible and innovative solutions and providing the most seamless experience for brands and manufacturers.

Flora Davidson, Supplycompass co-founder, says: “We believe brands of all sizes should have the opportunity and access to the best factories and supply chains. We started Supplycompass to give SMEs access to the best global supply chains, without having to worry about resource and budget.”

Through both the product and the operation, the company is making fashion sustainable by getting brands to:

  • Re-think design and choose sustainable materials;
  • Produce less, focusing on durability and quality;
  • Work with local suppliers and mills, reducing carbon emissions by being closer to the source;
  • Use recyclable packaging;
  • Partner with factories who are making efforts to reduce environmental impact.

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