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Sundried develops biodegradable t-shirts

Alice Ierace
30 April 2019

British sportswear brand Sundried has worked to develop "the world's most eco-friendly t-shirt", fully made from the only biodegradable polyamide yarn in the world.

Daniel Puddick, Sundried CEO and Founder, said: "We live in a disposable society where it's too easy to buy cheap clothing, wear it once or never at all, and dispose of it without a second thought of where it will end up or the resources that were drained to make it.

"Sundried's new biodegradable t-shirt will help to change this dangerous linear economy which is not sustainable and help to promote a more circular economy. I want to leave the planet in a better state than how I found it and leave a sustainable legacy for my children so that they don't have to fear for the future"

In 2014, over 16 million tons of textile waste was generated. Of this amount, 10.46 million tons were sent to landfill where it will stay for centuries. The Copenhagen Fashion Summit reported that fashion is responsible for 92m tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year, while a recent study by the Ellen McArthur Foundation found that one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second.

According to's exclusive study How Britain will Shop for Fashion in 2019 and Beyond(to be serialised on in the coming months), British consumers of all ages are very open to the idea of recycling their old clothes, much in the same way they have become used to recycling packaging and bottles.

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