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Students vote ASOS the best brand at engaging with their community

Lauretta Roberts
19 February 2019

Online fashion giant ASOS, which positions itself as the destination for fashion-obsessed 20-somethings, has been voted by students as the best at communicating with them.

Campus Society, the UK’s largest social network for students, has today unveiled the results of its student brand survey, looking at which retailers are best when it comes to engaging with the student population.

The research involved the polling of 2,255 university students from 258 universities from across the country, and respondents were quizzed on a variety of issues from special offers and discounts to exciting content and use of relevant channels. The top 10 list was as follows:

Campus Society Top 10
2 New Look
3 Topshop
4 Amazon
5 H&M
6 Nike
7 Primark
8 Pretty Little Thing
9 Tesco
10 Primark

Looking specifically at why students voted for these brands reveals that they effectively communicated relevant offers and discounts (highlighted by 68% as a reason why they voted for their preferred retailer), followed by frequency of their communications (55%), sending exciting content (47%), using the right tools to engage with them (44%), and finally lack of spam or irrelevant content (38%).

Rashid Ajami, CEO and Founder of Campus Society said: “Retailers who get the frequency, relevance and mechanism of content delivery right will reap the benefits of better, more meaningful connections with the student. ASOS is a great example of a retailer that has moved to reduce its traditional advertising spend and instead invest in technologies and platforms that will enable it to have a better, more connected relationship with its customers.”

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