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Stella McCartney takes over London’s Piccadilly Circus for Earth Day

Tom Shearsmith
22 April 2020

Stella McCartney is celebrating Earth Day’s 50th anniversary by taking over London’s Piccadilly Circus from 21-26 April 2020.

Using the Piccadilly Circus screens, Stella McCartney hopes that the population "can learn from this moment of pause so that city centres can be enjoyed with unpolluted air tomorrow."

With the capital comparatively empty, the campaign symbolises of how, even when humanity pauses, nature carries on.

With fewer cars on the road, planes in the sky and industry standing still, global carbon emission levels may potentially see their steepest fall since the 1940's. Across the European Union there has already been a 58% drop in daily carbon emissions, 70% less road traffic in the UK and a 40% reduction in nitrogen dioxide in London.

McCartney wants consumers, industry workers and world leaders to take this temporary pause as an opportunity to grow, citing that "there is a reality where prosperity does not come at the cost of the planet."

Stella McCartney has always been a pioneer of innovative technologies that are less harmful to the planet and population, with the company using organic cotton since 2008 and sustainable viscose since 2016.

The brand has also collaborated in recent years with Candiani and Adidas, to create new innovative technologies and fabrics.
Last month, posed the question: can fashion really tree-plant its way to sustainability?

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