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SS19 trend to go: Headbands anyone?

Sandra Halliday
27 September 2018

Headbands have been bubbling under for quite some time without actually making it into the mainstream that they last occupied so spectacularly/excruciatingly back in the 1980s. So it’s significant in a season when the 80s (and the 60s, another big headband decade) seem to be key inspirational eras for designers that we’ve had had one big… no, make that massive… endorsement of the headband as a key fashion item.

The Prada show may not have offered up one of those collections that grabs you in a millisecond and makes you want to go through your wardrobe to see if you have anything remotely similar to wear now. But it’s growing on me and it had a number of important trend pointers from the sports-influenced heels to the cycle shorts, the satin and much more.

But its biggest trend moment came with those headbands. Whether simple and unadorned or heavily embellished, they were universally plumped-up and hard to miss. They’re likely to set the high street off in more than one different direction, coming as simple headband options to match any look from urban to athleisure, casual or smart, or offering hat/fascinator alternatives for the on-trend occasionwear market. I know the Prada team is known for its love of headbands, but don’t dismiss these ones as they really seem to have made an impact.

Headbands aside, there were a couple of other key pieces that can’t be ignored. Those butterfly-shaped sunglasses could turn into a must-have for anyone seeking shades with an edge. And the can’t-ignore pop-socks could be a winner for anyone young enough not to remember the last time pop-socks had a moment.

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