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Slater Menswear and Samaritans promote power of conversation ahead of World Mental Health Day

Lauretta Roberts
28 September 2021

Slater Menswear has partnered with suicide prevention charity Samaritans on a one-off Youtube episode, entitled Inside Men’s Minds, which promotes the power of conversation ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

Hosted by the menswear brand’s marketing manager, Jonny Rose, the episode features six men from varying backgrounds such as Lex Fitness, a noted Fitness Influencer, Chris Reeve, managing director of a social media agency and Mike Omoniyi, an award-winning entrepreneur. A Samaritans representative, Matthew Gray, also joined the conversation to provide informed advice and insight on behalf of the charity.

Slater Menswear

Jonny Rose of Slater Menswear and Matthew Gray of Samaritans

The initiative was conceived in the wake of revelations that mental health referrals are hitting their highest point in two years and the episode explores the most reported topics that impact men’s mental health: workplace stress, loneliness, relationships and money.

“As a menswear brand, with predominantly a male audience and many males working within our industry, we’re conscious that men are experiencing growing problems with mental wellbeing and not seeking help or speaking out about it,” said Slater Menswear's Rose.

“We wanted to send the message to men everywhere that it’s healthy to talk about your problems and your feelings by putting the spotlight on real stories from real people. It was truly moving that these men shared some of the raw and life-changing moments from their lives, and we hope that this can help to keep the conversation of men’s mental health at the forefront of people’s minds,” he said.

In addition to the one-off Youtube episode, Slater Menswear conducted a study revealing that males between 25-34  are most prone to overworking as a result of the changing working circumstances within the past two years. The research highlights that almost 3 in 5 men (57%) aged between 25-34 feel as though they have fallen victim to overworking to the point where it affects their mental health, further revealing that a quarter of these males did not inform their employer regarding the issue.

Matthew Gray, Account Manager at Samaritans explained: “It’s quite common for men to not seek support when they need to, because they prefer to solve their own problems. This is what leads to mental health problems building up until breaking point, and this is unfortunately the reason why middle aged men are more likely to die by suicide than any other age group. There is so much to be done in terms of breaking down gender stereotypes and normalising men talking about their feelings, we hope that this episode can help other men to speak out and seek help too.”

Originally founded in Glasgow by Ralph Slater in 1973, Slater Menswear is a third generation family run business offering a one stop shop for menswear. The business operates both online and offline with 26 bricks and mortar stores across the UK, offering its own private label tailoring range as well as fashion from big brand names, such as Levi’s, Barbour and Calvin Klein.

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